Kilt Sizing Chart

Kilt Measuring Chart

*Please ensure all measurements are taken in inches

As with all measurements make sure you have someone to help, as it is required that you stand straight, feet together and facing forwards with your head up.


Your Waist Measurement

Measure your natural waist (usually level with your navel). Take a firm measurement so your kilt will sit comfortably without falling down. This is usually taken 2 inches higher than your hip bone. Stand straight but relaxed and do not hold your breath.


Your Seat Measurement

The Seat Measurement is a loose measurement over trousers at the widest part of your bottom/hips. Ensure that your pockets are empty and your feet are kept together. Take the measurement with 2 fingers inside the tape so the measurement is not too tight.


Kilt Length Measurement

The length measurement should be taken from the top of your hip bone (usually level with the navel) to the middle of the kneecap. Stand with your feet comfotably apart. The length of the kilt is commonly worn at the middle of the kneecap.


Measuring your height

To measure your height, remove your shoes and stand straight against a wall standing on a hard surface (not carpet). Measure from the heel to the top of your head.